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We manually vet every Content Creator who applies to be part of our platform. We’re not about quantity of Content Creators on our platform, we’re about quality. We do our best to verify Content Creators by manually reviewing profiles over their engagement as well as using 3rd party software to track the activity of their followers. Should we identify any Content Creators with fake followers, we will ban them from our platform immediately.

We request payment from you once you’ve agreed all price negotiation with your content creators and moved into the ‘Draft Submission’ stage. Our content creators will not be able to submit their drafts to you until the payment has been made.

If the Content Creator doesn’t deliver the correct content, our system won’t be able to pick up the data and therefore will not mark the post as completed. This will lead to our payment provider producing a pro-rata refund for you on your total campaign spend.

We offer 4 different brand plans; with our basic plan coming in at no monthly fee. Each plan provides additional perks along with different campaign fees. You will be able to choose your plan once you are accepted onto the platform.

Of course – we want to make sure you are able to select the exact Content Creators who are right for your business. Therefore we have introduced an intelligent match-making search tool in order to enable you to search through our whole database efficiently.

Though it is possible, we STRONGLY advise against this. Content Creators are specialists in appealing to their target audiences; they know what content works and what content doesn’t work. We advise you to make full use of their expertise in order to achieve the best possible ROI possible.

Yes of course. We advise this for certain brands in order to make sure the content looks as authentic as possible. However, it is up to the Content Creators discretion whether they hand out their address to you or not. Some may request that you send the products to us and then for us to send it on to you.

You’ll be able to have direct dialogue with your Content Creator in order to ensure their content matches your expectations. You have the ability to reject their draft and requests changes so that you are happy with the final content. Need advice on which content creator to choose to match to your brand? Message us via the platform and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our content creators take great pride in the content they produce. They want to ensure that the content they make matches both your expectations and also fits inline with the rest of their feed. However, you’ll be able to message them directly to keep them on their toes and ask them when you can expect them to deliver the draft.

We’ve developed a ‘One Click Campaign Report’, which enables you to produce a PDF report of the full details of your campaign data. These include metrics to understand the success of the campaign such as CPE (Cost Per Engagement) and CPM (Cost Per Mile).