Advanced Matchmaking Tool

Advanced Matchmaking Tool

Use our detailed search aid to shortlist creators. Filter by city, age, industry, hobbies and more, or use keywords and mentions to find the creators that best suit your campaign. We can even show you current university students.

Data-Driven Analytics

Analyse potential creators then narrow them down by viewing real-time performance tracking, audience breakdowns, engagement graphs, most popular content and even clear location maps.  

Legal Clarity

Provide creators with full transparency by uploading your own legal documents as well as adding non-compete clauses for brand protection. We want to make sure there are no surprises down the line.


Escrow-Style Payments

We help safeguard your investment by only paying out to creators once your campaign has been live for a fixed period. We make payment easy by accepting all major credit cards as well as bank transfers. 

Content Approval

Speak directly to your chosen creators, review their content and only sign off once you have ensured it is exactly on-brand. We ensure authenticity by following regulatory guidelines, through either hashtags or content partnerships. 

Campaign Reports

 We provide a one-click report featuring in-depth analysis of the campaign’s overall performance as well as detailed statistics of each creator’s post. We also provide CPM and CPE breakdowns, to show exactly where your money is going.

Global Reach

From Bali to New York accelerate your brand globally with our huge range of international content creators. Gain a unique edge over your competitors by tapping into new markets all over the world in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

Full Reusage Rights

You have full right to reuse any content produced by our creators for your campaign for your own general marketing activities; whether that be your website, your own social media accounts or an advert elsewhere. Our Terms and Conditions have your back.



Our Pricing

Designed to be simple. Who leads – you or us?

Self Service

From 5%

You take the reins. From only 5% campaign fees, access our huge roster of content creators. You’ll have the ability to negotiate with our creators,  review their content and assess the results in full. We’ll be available via live chat, email and phone if you need a hand.

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Managed Service


Don’t have time? We’re the experts, we can do it for you. The Influencer team is on hand to help with finding and negotiating with creators, content approval, getting your posts live and creating a report. For 20% campaign fees, this package includes phone, email and even in person support.





Our Creators

At Influencer, we pride ourselves on our strong personal relationships with our creators. We take time to get to know them, learning about their interests and the campaigns they aspire to be part of, in turn, allowing us to know exactly which creators are perfect for your campaign.

In a world of fake followers and inauthentic content, we don’t just let anyone in. Before accepting them, we vet our creators, analysing their growth and engagement to ensure our brands achieve the most genuine campaigns.

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