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We see someone as a Content Creator if they’re ‘kind of a big deal’ on social media. They need to have over 10,000 real followers on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – not combined. They must also have an engagement rate which fits inline with our expectations of their following. We’re not about quantity of Content Creators on our platform, we’re about quality.

We work with a variety of different brands in a whole range of different sectors. We’ve tailored our platform so that it’s not just fit for big corporates, but also enables SME’s to work on the platform too.

If you’re an agency representing a brand – we love you just as much and would welcome you on our platform. We’ve formed partnerships with some leading agencies all around the world. If you have multiple clients you would like to represent on the platform and want to get in touch about discussing a bespoke partnership deal, please email us at

We ensure CAP guidelines are enforced by making sure a Content Creator clearly marks the post has sponsored by using #Ad. A Content Creator will not be able to produce a draft post without the hashtag. We do this to make sure that brands we work with stay on the right side of any watchdog or consumer reports.

Any content created by our Content Creators in a campaign, give the brand full right to reuse the content for their own general marketing activities; whether that be their website, their own social media accounts or an advert elsewhere. Please view our terms and conditions for more information.

Once a Brand has created a campaign brief, there are 3 key dates: Application Deadline Date (The period where negotiation over prices occur and become agreed by both parties), Draft Deadline Date (Where the Content Creator must submit and have their draft approved by the Brand with any changes to the submission happening during this period) and Campaign Live Date (When the final content must be delivered; this may be a single date or a time period).

Based on feedback we have had with brands, we have decided to cache the analytics of the content after 7 days. Though Content Creators must keep the Content live for at least 30 days unless stated by the Brand in any additional documentation uploaded.

We monitor this very careful and will take action to suspend an account when required. We may decide to take this action even further than a suspension dependent on the severity of the breach. If you have noticed any form of breach, please report it via the platform or email us on

At the moment yes, however we have a team of hardworking researchers and developers working to consistently build new improvements to the platform as well as looking into options with other social media platforms.