End-to-end merchandise solutions for our creators

Influencer Merch

Being at the forefront of influencer marketing, we know just how important brand recognition is to boost a creator’s success.

What is Influencer Merch?

We have put together an expert team who understand what it takes to deliver beautifully designed products that will take your brand to the next level. We recognise that offering merchandise is an increasingly important part of connecting with your audience and generating brand awareness for your personal brand. You can get involved with Influencer Merch as much or as little as you like, in order to produce staple products to offer to your followers. We offer expertise in building brands, merchandise and apparel campaigns for a no risk merchandise solution.

Influencer Merch

Who is Influencer Merch?

We’re the merchandising branch on Influencer, the influencer marketing platform founded by YouTuber Caspar Lee. Our goal is to re-shape the merchandise industry with awesome in-house design and manufacturing teams, supported by our lightning fast fulfillment and cutting edge order management.

Influencer Merch

Our Expertise

Fashion & Accessories



Print On Demand


3D Products

Benefits Of Influencer Merch

Tracked Worldwide shipping

Next day delivery to the UK, EU & US

Rest of World 2-4 Working days

SMS delivery updates for all customers

2 day average from order to signature

300,000 sq ft warehouse for storage space

All customer service enquiries answered within 24 hours

Account Management for all clients

Client access to realtime store analytics and performance reporting

Benefits Of Influencer Merch